Saturday, June 16, 2018

Kuwait to extend citizenship to Palestinians and Jews alike. Why isn't this being reported?!

It seems that no one is reporting the news that the Kuwaiti foreign minister announced today that Kuwait is extending an offer of citizenship to both Arabs and Jews who were displaced in the 20th Century.

The foreign minister is quoted as saying
The Kingdom of Kuwait encompasses nearly 7000 square miles and has a population of only four million people. We also have great wealth. We most certainly have the room and resources to accommodate both Palestinians who left Israel to fight with Arab nations against it, and also for the millions of Jews who were displaced from their ancestral homelands in the Arab world during the same time.
Asked why they are agreeing to extend Kuwaiti citizenship to Jews as well as Palestinians, the minister replied:
We recognize that Jews who were expelled from their homes in Iran, Iraq, Egypt, Jordan, Syria and Yemen literally have no other country other than Israel in which they can relocate in the middle east. To the same extend we feel that Palestinians should have a right to return to homes their parents abandoned in Israel, so too should Jews have a right to reclaim their homes in Arab lands that they were forced to abandon. Accordingly, we have decided to lead by example.

Asked why they were offering citizenship and not just residency, the minister replied:
The only country in the middle east that has ever offered full citizenship to the Palestinians is, oddly enough, Israel. We felt that it would be hypocritical to condemn Israel while offering out brethren less than Israel. The only moral thing to do is offer full citizenship.
We were wondering why this news is not being reported, so we asked the article's author. The author explained that the story is being quashed because it is untrue, that the quotes are false, and that the forgoing never actually happened. Neither Kuwait nor any other middle eastern country other than Israel  has ever actually permitted persons of Palestinian descent to obtain citizenship and has none have offered the Jews it expelled in the 20th century to return to their ancestral homes. Kuwait did not say that it recognizes that Jews were not only kicked out of the other countries in the middle east, nor did it acknowledge that the Jewish people literally have no place else to go as there are no other Jewish countries anywhere in the world (there are 28 Muslim countries, btw.) In fact,


Friday, March 31, 2017

The most powerful man in the world

Imagine if you could, with the snap of your fingers, destroy the world's most powerful nation?
Vladimir Putin has that power. He need merely utter the words, "Yes, I colluded with the Trump team to make sure he got elected." Whether these words are true or false, Vladimir Putin has the power to utter them. Does that give him undue influence over the White House? You better believe it.

Saturday, November 12, 2016

List of Companies that Openly Support Trumpism

This is a list of companies or companies with CEOs that openly support Donald Trump and thus stand against my values and which I shall immediate cease patronizing. I will add to the list as I learn of more companies. Please feel free to contribute, BUT ONLY IF YOU CAN DIRECT ME TO A SOURCE!

  • November 12, 2016
    • Source:
      • New Balance
      • Home Depot
      • Yuengling (Brewery)
      • Hobby Lobby
(note: this source included Facebook, but Facebook did not actively support Trump, in my opinion but stuck to an idealistic vision of free speech which, in this case, the "other side" exploited the heck out of. I am not adding Facebook to my list.)