Monday, December 29, 2008

Mexico Attacks!

Mexico has acquired thousands of long and short range missiles and have been firing them at cities within the United States. Two civilians have been killed by the incessant missile fire, including an American of Mexican heritage in El Centro, and another American in San Diego. The United States has been respecting a cease-fire with Mexico since the end of the Spanish-American war in which the United States won territories in what is now the southwest United States, including most of California.

America has attempted diplomacy in an attempt to resolve the situation, and has gone so far as to give the disputed territories back to Mexico as a means for avoiding armed conflict. Mexico has set up provisional governments in those territories, but, contrary to international expectations, rather than curtailing the violence, Mexico has used those reclaimed territories as launching grounds to hoard and fire missiles at more American cities.

In response to international efforts to calm an already tense situation, the Mexican authorities have stated, "We will not rest until every American is dead and we have taken over the entire United States. We will continue our campaign deeper and deeper into the American heartland, making use of every weapon available from rocks to suicide bombers until every American has left America."

Oh wait, that's not Mexico, they're not that crazy, and America's would never make such concessations or be so patient. It's Hamas and Israel. Did they think that Israel had to let this keep going on? Even now that they are a separate state? If we wouldn't let Mexico do it to us, why should Israel let Hamas do it to them?