Sunday, August 29, 2010

I have just GOT to start reading my comments!

"Anonymous" (which means "pussy" in my book) wrote in response to a guest post:

Anonymous said...

This is in response to the blogger who said I am being endoctrinated by Fox News. So if someone does not agree with idiology, then they are being brainwashed by Fox news? So, then Liberals must be getting endoctrinated by MSNBC, is that fair to say? Michael Moore must be your idol, correct? That is the problem with left wing extremists, they are an angry group of people who misrepresent the truth and make accusations that I am somehow being endoctrinated by Fox News. In my blog, that "L.G." responded to, I never once mentioned Fox or Glen Beck, she and this blogger, have put words into my mouth. This is hate speech and what you are basically saying is that if people do not agree with YOU GUYS, that we are being brainwashed by Fox News. All this is doing is helping me further prove my point as to what is wrong with your party and your people. Bring it on!

The original post is here:

Okay, please allow me prove you have been indoctrinated:
  1. Your first premise is that liberals play the race card when backed into a corner. This is Bill O'Reilly's rallying cry. Here's an example from his show:
  2. Premise two: democrats are against "personal responsibility" and republicans are for it. Classic Beck. Actually, progressives include within their definition of personal responsibility a responsibility for society-- for the country as a whole. Does personal responsibility include watching people die in the street, or do I have a responsibility toward those less fortunate than myself. You, my friend, are a parrot.
  3. Premise three: The provisioning of basic human services is socialism ("money, education, healthcare, and everything else..."). Glenn Beck: Hey, guess what, THE FOUNDING FATHERS put this strange clause in the Constitution: "We the people of the United States, in order to form a more perfect union, establish justice, insure domestic tranquility, provide for the common defense, promote the general welfare, and secure the blessings of liberty to ourselves and our posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America." General Welfare?! No way! Our people should be allowed to starve in the streets and die of easily preventable diseases. We have to change the constitution. As far as education goes, it is very much in the interest of Fox News to encourage an anti-education agenda. The Constitution does not mandate education. However, that right has been enshrined in the Constitutions of every state in the Union. If we stopped educating our poor, we would certainly create a cheap labor class. That would be nice as long as we are the Eloi.
  4. Premise four. Republican ideals are common sense. You say, this Glenn Beck for of "personal responsibility" is what you teach your children. You are not only stupid, but you may actually be sick. First of all, trickle down economics are NOT common sense. Making the rich richer will make the poor richer? How about making the poor richer in the first place. After all, they are the ones who spend the money on consumer goods. When the poor and the middle class spend, the economy works. Trickle down economics is not only counter-intuitive, but it also destroyed our economy. The numbers are in. This is fact. Second, apparently unlike you, I taught my children to be responsible for themselves AND for others: to share their toys, to feed the hungry, to befriend the lonely and to help the needy. I taught them to love others and to cherish the special qualities of all people. I taught them to bring others up with them as they climb the ladder of success, as I have done. I shudder to think that my children will have to share this planet with selfish bastards like you are apparently raising.
I could go on and on; however, I believe that my readers are intelligent enough to ridicule the rest of your post without my help.

If you, however, need assistance, please let me know. I can recommend an excellent psychologist for the mental illness part. As for the intelligence part, I cannot help you, though an education might make you seem a little less stupid. Oh wait, I forgot-- education is for liberals, not true conservatives like yourself. How 'bout Glenn Beck University?