Tuesday, January 10, 2012

FREE E-Book!

ABOXOFRAIN.com (aka lookoutofanywindow.blogspot.com) is pleased to announce the pre-release of the new novel, Human, by Robert G. Berke.

Mr. Berke is a frequent contributor to this blog. Though he has been a prolific writer of short stories and articles, Human is his first full length novel. The novel is 330 pages long (approximately 96,000 words).

Human tells the story of Elijah Smith, a wealthy entrepreneur who is beset by an unnamed disease which has been slowly eating away at his nervous system. In an effort to preserve his life notwithstanding the inevitable death of his body, Smith recruits a brilliant neurosurgeon to lead a team in creating a detailed virtualization of every part of his brain.

The project is successful, but it quickly proves to have had an unforeseen consequence as Smith--or at least the virtual Smith--discovers that he now possesses some very powerful and very dangerous information. When Smith reveals this information to his friend he sets a string of events in motion which immediately imperils all of his friends and family, and possibly millions of other people.

Through powerful storytelling, Berke confronts the question of what it actually means to be human and whether an individual's humanity is necessarily trapped within a corporeal body or whether it can be extracted and installed like software onto a technological platform.

Ultimately, the fate of the world depends on the answer to the question, "is Smith still human?"

"This is a book you will find yourself discussing long after you have put it down."

The author's publisher, MultiModoMedia Press, has authorized us to give away 10 copies of the electronic version of the book in either Kindle, I-Pad (I-Books), or Nook format to any reader of this blog who will agree to read it and submit a review.

For details on this give-away, send an inquiry to: info@multimodomedia.com

We have also been asked to spread the word that multimodomedia press is seeking submissions according to its submission guidelines.