Saturday, January 21, 2012

Unlimited Energy Sci-FI

I am contemplating a new book to start where "Human" leaves off, after I finish "Artist" (which is unrelated to Human). In the new book, I will have Dr. Bayron stumble upon a mechanism for creating unlimited, unexhaustable energy. His discovery will put the power companies, the oil companies, the coal mining industry, and many others out of business. Furthermore, the discovery will make possible all kinds of new technologies from light sabers to insterstellar travel literally overnight.

I think a great action/suspense story can be built around the efforts of any number of groups to prevent the technology getting out. I also think there would be tremendous food for thought in the implications of such an energy source.

I am sharing this idea here now because a lot of people came to me with wonderful thoughts about Human after it was completed and too late to incorporate some of those ideas. I figured, I would do an experiment with crowdsourcing, by publishing my idea long before I can take pen to paper on it and getting the feed back first.

Please share your thoughts with me in the comments section or wherever.