Tuesday, February 21, 2012

A "Taste" of Artist, slated for May 30, 2012 release

My second novel, Artist, has a tentative release date of May 30, 2012, which means it probably won't be available until November. Here's a snippet, just for fun: 
        If one could, for even a moment, ignore the fact that the dinner guests were corpses and the main course was a plate of severed human hands, then it would have appeared as if they had crashed a perfectly pleasant dinner party. The dead diners were all neatly dressed and well-groomed.  There was no rot and barely a smell of death at all.  In fact, Cos wondered if he were just imagining the smell of death. The corpses looked relatively fresh.
          “I don’t know, Frankie,” Cos said, “but if I had to guess, I’d say that three hours ago all these people were still alive and those hands were still raw. I got a ten spot says forensics confirms that.”