Sunday, December 1, 2013

Human, a novel by Robert Berke

Just a coupla' updates on the writing and publishing venture:

  • Human has breached the top 100,000 paid on Amazon again. Though it has previously made it into the top 500 paid on several occasions since its 2011 release, what makes this placement remarkable is that (1) it got there with absolutely no marketing, advertising, or promotions; and (2) it has been in publication for two years already.
  • Robert G. Berke's second novel, tentatively entitled "Six Severed Hands: a love story," could be published as early as spring/summer 2014. Watch this space for updates. Unlike Human, the new novel is not science fiction. Rather, it is a character driven exploration of the crises of contemporary art set against the backdrop of a mystery.
  • MultiModoMedia Press is still seeking manuscript submissions. Trade Publications only. Novels (30,000 words minimum), Non-fiction (no minimum). No longer seeking poetry or short story collections.